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Doug Patt is an architect.

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Sep 19

Doug Patt Renaissance Man

Sep 4

Habitable Machines

Everyday objects. Image by  Cea. @ flickr.

Jul 23

How to Architect book

How to Architect is a June bestselling design and architecture book!

Jul 12

Rich and Kim’s Addition | Renovation, Part 1 - The Client

Rich and Kim are good friends. I’ve known them since middle school. They asked me to be their architect for a small renovation addition. I’ll be doing a video series on the project. Here’s the first video.

Jul 11

Oporto architecture

Idea for an Oporto, Portugal t-shirt. I used to live there. I love alvaro siza’s work. This is his school of architecture in Oporto.

Jul 10

Azure How to Architect Review

Jul 9

Daughter’s architecture

One of my daughters made this house today. Note the free floating windows, multicolor walls, pink cantilever, and giant doorknob. Way better than anything I will ever design.

Jul 3



Jul 2

Exceptional brutalism

Ronchamp by Le Corbusier. I was almost arrested breaking into this compound in France many moons ago - just to see the building. Image by scarletgreen @ flickr.

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